A new Planet named "Goblin" found in the outer fringes of the solar system.

A new Planet named "Goblin" found in the outer fringes of the solar system.

Planet named "Goblin" found in the outer fringes of the solar system.
A brand new object has been found in the transneptune region
of the Solar System named "The Goblin Planet". The
discovery of this dwarf planet has led to consolidation
on the presence of Planet Nine hypothesis.

A new dwarf planet has been discovered in the outer fringes of the Solar System. Scientists and astronomers believe it as an golden find, because it solves out their theory of "Planet X" to be present in our Solar System stronger. Various astronomers and cosmologists believe the presence of a super Earth planet beyond Pluto.

The dwarf planets official name is 2015 TG387. It was discovered three years ago by a team of astronomers and researchers with the help of a special Subaru telescope in Hawaii. Scott Sheppard is the leading guy in this research, according to him

These distant objects are like breadcrumbs leading us to Planet X,

Sheppard along with his coleagues found 2015 TG387 in the year 2015 with the help of Subaru telescope atop the volcanic peak Mauna Kea in Hawaii, but it took three years for them to understand its orbit.

2015 TG387 orbits around the Sun in an extreme elliptical path, coming closest to the sun in 65 Astronomical Unit ( AU ) and the farthest to 2300 Astronomical Unit ( AU ). One AU = Average distance of Sun from Earth which is 93 Million Miles ( 150 Million Kilometers ). In comparison The Pluto's closest point to the Sun is 29.7 AU and the farthest it reaches from Sun is not more than 49.3 AU. The Goblin Planet is so far away from the Sun, that it takes around 40,000 years to complete an orbit around the Sun.

2015 TG387 is thought to be 186 miles (300 kms) wide and spherical in shape, which indicates that it is a dwarf planet. Not much is known about the planets physical characteristics because it remains unobservable in 99% of its orbital path.

The presence of Planet X was seriously in talks in 2014 by Sheppard and Trujjilo, to explain the odd behaviour of objects after Neptune, Planet X or Planet Nine is believed to be atleast 10 times more massive than the Earth and orbit about 600 AU in average.

There could be thousands of objects in the transneptune region of the solar system which are currently unobservable, which means that we are now only capable enough to see the tip of the iceberg - Scott Sheppard

According to sheppard, the discovery of the Goblin planet is exciting not because it confirms the presence of Planet X but because it proves the presence of something big in the outer parts of the solar system. Moreover he says that he is not surprised that anything as big as Planet X has remained unobservable from us till date, because he believes that even though planet X could be the next big thing, it is too faint to be observed with our vision of field.

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