Why Nasa has not returned to Moon ?

Why Nasa has not returned to Moon?

Why Nasa has not returned to Moon ?
Why Nasa has not
returned to Moon ?

It was December of 1972, when Apollo 17 came back to Earth for the very last time from lunar surface. Yes, it has been more than 4 decades and Nasa has not been back to Moon. Its kind of strange because Apollo 17 was the sixth successful lunar mission within 3 years. So why Nasa has not returned to Moon? Are we in the middle of an lunar conspiracy and Nasa along with other space agencies are hiding the truth ?

Why Nasa has not returned to Moon ?
Is Nasa aware of Alien
Inhabitants on the Moon

According to various independent Alien believing organisations , the lunar surface has alien base camps upon it who survey and keep a keen look upon Earth and its activities. All the organisations including Nasa and fully aware of it, the best way they have found is to deny such stories. These independent alien believing groups justify their allegations by subjecting the mumness of astronauts during Apollo 11 mission, Neil Armstrong along with Buzz Aldrin were clearly instructed not to utter anything regarding what they see there.

According to Ian stevens, head of a famous independent Alien believing organisation,
Nasa is fully aware of the situations on the Moon and that is why they don't want to go back to Moon. 
But why can't we observe any ? Well an answer to this question is that there is an dark side of moon which never faces the Earth, and this is the side where all mishap is happening. A lot of books and publishers have had great success upon this subject. But the government is quite clear upon the matter,  and states all these allegations false.

Why Nasa has not returned to Moon ?
Is finance the issue behind
the discontinuation of lunar missions

Another possible reason could be financial issues. All the joint Apollo lunar missions have a net worth of about $105 billion dollars in todays time. The annual budget for Nasa is anywhere between $20 - $25 billion dollars, hence carrying a lunar mission in todays time is a too much investment for Nasa and the American government.

Then its worth a question if the reason is finance then why lunar missions were such a priority back in the 70's ?

The decade of 70's was the time when Cold War between America and Russia was at its peek. During that time both Russia and America were in a course of a Space Race. Well Russia always showed promise but it was America who crossed the line first being the first to land humans on lunar surface. Contrary to this today a lunar mission is not only about the country's flag or footsteps on any alien surface, it is about application if a mission is worth any good to human betterment.

But since Trump's inclusion as the new president of United States and with continous Russian empowerment, we may be in the course of the 2nd Cold War. And this could lead to another Space Race. Moreover, We must remember that Nasa has never ruled out lunar missions from its objectives, when people around the World are all set, eagerly waiting to see a Human mission to Mars, Nasa has announced that before any Mars mission, it will be first going back to Moon in 5 years or so, and then only to Mars in the next decade or so. So maybe its good news for those who are waiting for a lunar mission for the past 4 decades. Probably a great way to close all the mouths of critics.

Reasons for why Nasa has not returned to Mars can be anything but one thing is for sure the next two decades would be quite cruical for further human exploration to Space.

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