Why Dark is the new sexy ?

Why Dark is the new sexy ?

Why Dark is the new Sexy ?
Space is full of darkness

We have seen photos of Universe all over the Internet of how pretty it is with all the stars, stellar clouds, with unimaginable patterns. But the truth of the Universe is much more different, most of the Universe is dark ! Yes it is, darkness is what it is all which occupies the most of the Universe. But what makes it Dark ?

We know the constituency of the Universe or Do we ?

 All known matters account upto only 5% of the Universe constituents. OMG ! This means all the stars, planets, and everything we see in the Universe accounts only to the 5% of its constituents. This proves that what we know is less than what we don't !

I have a post regarding " what we know is less than what we don't ", you can check it out in the link below


Then what is more in the Universe we aren't aware of ? 

The answer is Dark Matter And Dark Energy. Yes the Universe has some dark secrets like all magnificient things have.


Why Dark is the new sexy ?
Constituents of The Universe

Of all the known matters there exists what we call is Dark Matter. Dark Matter gets its name from its virtue of not being visible to Humans and its technology. It does not interact with particles of light, hence is invisible in nature, but its effects are quite visible, as it accounts about 25% of the Universe. It interacts gravitationally and is forming stable giant halos around the galaxies, this is the only property we are quite sure about. Another property of it is that it holds the galaxies together. The Dark Matter possess of particles which are slow enough from the escape velocity of Galaxies, which helps it to hold galaxies, during the expansion of Universe,but their self interaction is weak which stops the halos from collapsing into flat discs.

So we can say that we know what it is not rather than what it actually is. A Nobel Prize may be right on your way if you would be able to prove what Dark Matter actually is ? How it works ? And why it does not interact with light ?

Some people believe that Dark Matter is nothing but God Particle. And Scientists would never find out about it because its beyond Human perception. If Dark Matter was not all, our Universe has even one more secret. And this secret could be the very reason why our Universe would turn into utter darkness.


Why dark is the new sexy ?
Dark Energy : The primary
Cause behind the expansion
Of The Universe

The second side of the coin of darkness is what we call Dark Energy. Dark Energy is the most abundant form of energy found in the Universe. It accounts to about 70% of the Universe and is the primary reason behind the expansion of the Universe. In order to know more about Dark Energy we must know what it actually is ?

What is Dark Energy ? 

Dark Energy is an invisible form of energy just like gravity which is driving the whole of Universe away from each other i.e its causing the expansion of Universe. Edwin Hubble first detected it while observing a distant galaxy, he continiously saw a red shift while observing the galaxy for a certain period of time and according to studies things which move farther in Space appear to be red shifted and things moving closer appear to be blue shifted, hence he came upon the conclusion that the Universe is expanding and some type of energy is causing it to.

It was only recently found that the expansion of the Universe is not uniform rather it is accelerating at great speeds continously. Speeds at which the Universe is expanding is crazy and is estimated to be much more quick than the speed of light. Its quite scary because there will come a time when the Universe will expand to such an extent that all the other galaxies visible today would be too far away to be seen and the Universe would be nothing but Dark And Cold as ever. A part of Space once visible would be rubbed of from our successors (if humans could survive for long).

As quoted by famous Theoretical Physicist Neil De Grasse Tyson

I am concerned about the expansion of the  Universe, one day all will be so far not to be back again and a part of Space and history completely rubbed off for others to see but what is more intriguing is that could there be some past which was rubbed off from our vision today ! This mystery my friend keeps me awake at night !

So its quite clear that Our Universe is quite accustomed of Darkness and likes its dark attire. We always talk about the vastness of it, how beautiful it is but its time we appreciate the Dark Secrets of our Universe. And the most unfateful scenario is we are still not sure about the consistence of the Universe and how it behaves. Maybe we are still apes having smartphones in a moving rock and watching in the Space and wondering the mysteries of The Universe. "Dark is the new sexy ".


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