Where are all the Aliens ? Fermi Paradox

Where are all the Aliens ? Fermi paradox

Where are all the Aliens ? Fermi paradox
Where are All the Aliens ?

More than 1,000,000,000,000 billions planets in the Universe, 500 billion planets inside the Milky Way, of which 50 billion Earth like planets, Alien life found till date - 0. So where are all the Aliens ? How can we not witness even one of them yet ?

Its worthless to talk about the possibilities of witnessing Alien life outside Milky Way because we still don't have the technology to see beyond our galaxy for an Alien life form. So for the sake of the topic we would be talking about the Milky Way. According to a study, our galaxy that is Milky Way possess as much as around 50 billion Earth like planets, some of which are more than 10 - 20 billion years older than Earth. So it is quite clear that life in these planets would have had enough time to evolve and thrive and may be even die out ! But we have no trace of any such thing yet. So what is it that's wrong ? If an Alien civilisation would be advanced than that of us, may be a kardaschev scale - II type or even of scale - III type, it would never remain unnoticed from us, because such a civilisation could control its star system or even the galaxy !

So are we the only living entity in the Universe ? Maybe we are the lucky ones, and Earth is the only place in the Universe where life has evolved to such an advanced extent. It would be quite optimistic to say that life is nowhere else than Earth, maybe microscopic life could be right next door inside the hydrocarbon lakes of Titan, or maybe in Europa as well. But we may be the only ones to evolve to such an advanced civilisation from the microscopic stage.

Where are all the Aliens ? Fermi Paradox
Fermi Paradox

Another well accepted theory behind why we can't witness any Aliens is The Fermi Paradox. According to the Paradox maybe there had been Alien life before Human evolution on Earth in the Milky Way but some sort of barrier had not let them through it and hence their existence was completely wiped out ! Scientists name such barriers as The Great Filter. Every civilisation along with their evolution have to confront what is called The Great Filter and looks like no civilisation has been able to do so. The Great Filter may come to any civilisation in any form, may it be an asteroid hit, invasion from superior civilisation, self destruction due to mishandling of mass destructing weapens, natural pandemic infection etc. The Earth had one such in which it lost about 70% of its life form along with Dinosaurs, 500 million years ago. Yes, we are talking about the asteroid which led to the extinction of dinosaurs on Earth, had the asteroid been a bit larger it would had destroyed 100% of the life forms from Earth, and our Earth could have been barren just like Mars today.

Where are all the Aliens ? Fermi Paradox
The Great Filter
Barrier for Civilisations

So where are we today in respect to The Great Filter ?

There are probably two explanations where Humanity is today considering The Great Filter. 

The first case shows that we are ahead of The Great Filter, this situation means that we have just passed The Great Filter and we are probably the first civilisation in the Universe to do so. One thing is quite sure, if this scenario is the case then we have a lot of time before we witness another Great Filter, and until that we could advance to such levels that, conquering a galaxy could be pretty achievable for us. All in all this is a pretty scenario for Humans.

Where are all the Aliens ? Fermi Paradox
What if an asteroid hits the
Earth again ?

The second case could be that The Great Filter is ahead of us, which means we are near to our extinction anyway soon. It could be anything a nuclear war or effects of global warming or genetic engineering gone wrong etc. We are very likely not to pass The Great Filter any time sooner, but efforts are being made to look for life on other planets. Hopefully we would have enough time before our civilisation is put to test by nature again. This scenario is contrary to the first and not so good for Humans.

For time, we have no other civilisation to look up to as far as we can see in Space, but what we can do is that we can come altogether to save our species for the long run. We all know that natural disasters like an asteroid attack is not what we can avoid or control (unless we have the technical superiority) but self destruction is definitely one cause we can control and we must control.

It is to be remembered that all Humans are temporary tenants of the Home called Earth and its the responsibility of each and every Human to protect and handover Earth to its following generation, like it was handed over to them.


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