What if Nasa had the American Military Budget ?

What if Nasa had the American Military Budget ?

What if Nasa had the American Military Budget ?
What if Nasa had the American
Military Budget ?

The U.S sure is a superpower today with its Military dominance over other countries. The American military Budget accounts upto about $600 billion per year compared to which Nasa is roughly $20 billion per year. So what if Nasa had the American military budget ? What changes it could make in the field of space exploration ?

The U.S is already a superpower in the field of arms and equipments holding the majority of all advanced weapons. The U.S army enjoys about 54% of the country's G.D.P. We know that in the time we live military consolidation is a necessity of each and every nation but we must not forget that in the process of Army consolidation, America is losing its old prestige of leading the pathway of space exploration and research. Private companies like Space X and Virgin Gallactic are thriving and constantly challenging the legacy of governmental space organisations dominance over space.

What if Nasa had the American Military Budget ?
Nasa with an military
Budget can do wonders
to space exploration and

First thing is that the American space programmes have somehow come to a halt after the end of Space wars era. Yes, the time when the two superpowers of the world USSR and USA were in conflict to prove their dominance over each and every field including space. The Apollo missions were budgeted to be around $130 billion in the space of 13 years. With the Military budget this could have been achieved within 2-3 years. (Remember the Apollo missions were carried as part of the conflict between the two countries, and were considered as an important aspect those days).

What if Nasa had the American Military Budget ?
Apollo Programmes;
The American space

  • Firstly, we would have had a number of space stations which would carry thousands and thousands of people at a time. These space stations would not only be confined to Earth but to other planets as well. And our vision to other planets of our Solar System would have widely elaborated by now.
  • Secondly, we know the love of Nasa towards telescopes and robotic space crafts. With the increase in budget, high resolutionary data filled telescopes would have ruled our space knowledge which in turn would have led to great and renowned space discoveries.
  • We would have certainly built moon bases by now, which would in turn would help with transportation of equipments for the functioning of the Space stations.
  • How could we not be talking about Mars ? Well with the Military pocket, atleast 40,000 humans would now have been living on Mars
  • Moreover underwater submarine missions in Titan would also have been possible by now. Imagine we finding the first alien life in the lakes of Titan. Robotic missions to Europa and analysis of its surface !
  • All the distant stars light years away would now be ready to be explored with robotic missions set their way. And who knows we could find a new Earth in Proxima Centauri, the binary star system. 

Space exploration and studies would be able to match unimaginable heights if Nasa had the American military budget. For now, space exploration and studies in Nasa and other organisations are considerably moving slower as compared to military consolidations. May be the need of the hour is another space war, which may again put Nasa and the U.S government on the screws of investing more in space study and exploration.

Guys what do you think about it, should the U.S invest more on Nasa ? Share your opinion on the comment section below the post.


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