The Darkest truth of the Universe : Bootes Void

The Darkest truth of the Universe : Bootes Void

The Darkest truth of the Universe : Bootes Void
Bootes Void;
The largest known Void in the Observable Universe

What are the darkest secrets according to you in the Universe? Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Expansion of the Universe, or The Fermi Paradox ! Its quite amazing that with the trillions and zillions of galaxies and stars occuping  the Universe, the most astonishing and nonunderstandable secret of the Universe is a dark void named BOOTES VOID. The void was named so, after its discovery in the constellation of BOOTES, which is about 700 million light years from Earth. Now, We know that the Universe is HUGE ! beyond the scale of the Human mind and the gravitational energy between the galaxies constantly push each other back and forth due to which voids are quite common. So what is it that makes BOOTES VOID worth a mention ?

The Darkest truth of the Universe : Bootes Void
0.27% of the diameter is what the Bootes void
Holds in the observable Universe

The Bootes void is one huge void, It occupies about 0.27% of the diameter of the Observable Universe. Its diameter is about 280 million light years ! Just Imagine the size of the void considering the fact that our Galaxy, Milky Way along with 24 more galaxies occupies a mere 3 million light years distance. It is estimated that the Void should have been holding atleast 10,000 galaxies, if not more but what we have is actually not more than 60 galaxies. THAT'S PRETTY STRANGE ! How did such a big void form then ?

The Darkest truth of the Universe : Bootes Void
Robert Kirshner,
Cosmologist who discovered the Bootes void
In 1981

The Bootes void was first observed by a cosmologist, Robert Kirshner, in 1981. He was wandering with his telescope in what we call a routine check on the constellations nearby when he found something strange and definitely big !


The cause of such a large void is still a mystery for cosmologists and Theoretical Physicists. But what the discovery has done is, it has raised questions upon our theories and assumptions of how the Universe was created and how it works ? 

Theories and Predictions

Basically since its discovery in 1981, a lot of theories and predictions have been put forward to state what is the reason behind such a large void. 

  • The first theory states that the void is due to an impact of Dark Energy, a mysterious energy which is driving the galaxies of the Universe apart from each other in or more the speed of light. This theory however has a con because even if we consider that Dark Energy is the force behind this void, it would take enormous time to create a void this big, and the Universe according to our calculations hasn't had that much of a time. So this could mean two things, either the Universe is way older than to be thought or this theory is not applicable here.

The Darkest truth of the Universe : Bootes Void
A Type -III
civilisation can use the energy
Of an entire galaxy or galaxies

  • When it comes to unexplained mysteries of the cosmos, there has never been a time when an alien civilisational explanation has not been put forward to. According to this theory A Super Advanced Alien Civilisation maybe of Type - IV has conquered the part with advanced Dyson Shell to extract powers of entire galaxies [ NB - Type -IV civilisation is imaginary, because even A Type - III civilisation would not be able to conquer such a HUGE space ]. Moreover this could mean that the Civilisation behind the Bootes void could be atleast 4 billion years old and have been able to reach a level of technical superiority and who knows they may be coming right our way ! 
Perhaps, as some wit remarked, the best proof that there is Intelligent Life in Outer Space is the fact it hasn't come here. Well, it can't hide forever - one day we will overhear it. - Arthur C. Clarke

According to astronomer Greg Aldering, the Bootes Void is so, so large that if our galaxy,  The Milky Way was put in the centre of the Void, we would never be able to see or know about other galaxies in the Universe for maybe about 2,00,000 years. 

Its pretty strange that we are puzzled not in the parts where all the stuffs of the Universe like stars, planets and galaxies reside but on the part that comprises of nothing. Our knowledge upon the Universe is always put to test by none other than the Universe itself. 

What according to you is the Darkest Truth of the Universe ? Let us know in the comment section.


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