Insane (But True) Things About Limits of Humanities

Insane (But True) Things About Limits of Humanities

Insane  (But True)  Things About  Limits of Humanities
How far can Humanity go ?

What are the limits of Humanity ? This is a Space blog so we would only be talking about the limits of Humanity in Space. The technology we have today doesn't let us go anywhere farther than our Solar System. But in about,say, a Billion years Humanity may reach the Kardaschev scale - III type civilisation where moving within a galaxy or two may not sound so stupid as it does today.

Insane  (But True)  Things About  Limits of Humanities
Local group of galaxies

The Milky Way is a spiral galaxy, 100,000 light years across in distance. The Milky way is in a group of 50 more galaxies along with Andromeda known as the Local Group. So even if we reach the type - III civilisation, we would not be able to go any further than the local group. Now that is a brain twister Why the hell can we not go further ?

Why we cannot go further than the local group ?

With a type - III technology we would have the liberty to access all the Galaxies within the Local Group but beyond it there is a energy named Dark Energy, which won't allow us any further. 

To make you understand how Dark Energy stops us from travelling any further we would have to go about 13.8 billion years ago, when it all started. After the Big Bang, the size of the Universe expanded from a size of a marble to millions and millions of kilometers in seconds at unimaginable speeds but then Gravity stepped in to counteract the Expansion. The clash of Titans resulted in the victory of Gravity but in smaller scales because of which a galaxy or groups of galaxies were allowed to form. But Dark Energy played its part by moving other things in the Universe away from each other, nearby local groups are already millions and millions of light years away from us and at the time we reach the type III scale, everything outside the Local Group would be gone too far to be seen again. Dark Energy is pushing away everything in the Universe farther and faster (and by faster we mean tremendous and unachievable speeds). 

Insane  (But True)  Things About  Limits of Humanities
Big Bang
Birth of The Universe

So that is why would never be able to reach other groups even if we reach the apex level of civilisation. Its amazing that one day we would have nothing to observe except the Local Group we live in. Nothing but Darkness, nothing from the past and no details about The Big Bang. Darkness and Darkness is all that we would see around ourselves. But we would still have the liberty to move in about billions of solar systems and planets inside our Local Group. We must consider ourselves lucky that we have the privilege to look back in time of how it all started and what wonders our Universe has !

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