Are we ready for aliens ?

Are we ready for Aliens ?

Are we ready for aliens ?
Are we ready for Aliens ?

Ever imagined about life outside Earth ! I bet you have not, we humans are pretty used to be occupied within our space of desires and have got no time to think of other things. Its quite astonishing that human brain has so much depth and application but still about 80% of humans live their life inside a bathtub ! Inside our lavish or not so lavish drawing rooms. Wait did I just say a bathtub ? Considering our Solar system as a Universe, we definitely have seen only our bathtub, true isn't it ? We know what is inside Earth but what could be out there ? And if there is life out there then are we ready for aliens ?

Are we ready for aliens ?
What could be the first message
From aliens ?

What could be the first message from the aliens?

Well no governmental and non governmental space organization have issued an what we call is a post - detection policy. Post detection policy refers to the state of steps to be taken after we recieve any extra terrestrial signal. So, aren't we ready to answer such a signal ? Well its somehow true, 

When asked about how we will deal if we receive an extra terrestrial signal the United Nations for Outer Space Affairs answers as there job does not include any issues regarding the question posed. So isn't this situation not important enough to look upto for U.N. It is an goddamn important issue because any extra terrestrial signal may not necessarily end up demanding help, but can also be a warning for an upcoming threat to our planet or even solar system and if we miss it, we may find ourselves extinct as dinosaurs. But is this scenario from primitive times ? 

Are we ready for aliens ?
Back contamination &
Forward contamination

History of Alien belief

Historically, we have acted upon as though alien life exists. Back contamination is a lively proof of the fact that humans have had belief of alien life outside earth from early times. Back contamination if you all are aware of it is the threat of any alien microbe, bactaeria or even viruses from space back to earth during human expeditions to space, these microbes may have the capacity to wipe out all life forms from earth. Back contamination was a great issue back then until it was dispractised from Apollo 15 voyage. 

The three great men of human history Michael Collins, Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong who were the first to lunar surface didn't meet or hug their families and friends as soon as they returned earth, instead they were isolated in biological labs for entire 3 weeks before they were examined for any deadly microbe from space.

Humans have not only looked upon Earth for safety from space but they have also worked for the safety of Space and its bodies from Forward Contamination. The galileo spacecraft when sent to study Jupiter and its moons, had collected amazing data, and was in for more but there was a problem it was never sterilized, expecting the possibility of even liquid water on any of the moons, NASA decided not to contaminate any alien bio reserve. Hence, the mission was ended and galileo spacecraft was crashed inside Jupiter. So it is quite evident that protocols and assumptions have been taken in the past considering the fact that alien life may exist.

Are we ready for aliens ?

Who are actually ready to answer the extra terrestrial signals ?

The probability that any advanced civilised message may come our way through radio signals is quite faint and when both governmental and non governmental organisations have shown no interest upon answering alien calls, groups like SETI are constantly working and looking for extra terrestrial signals across space. We may say that they are the official ears of human to alien signals from space. Now the question comes are they ready for alien signals ? Yes, they are. 

SETI has issued a protocol regarding what is to be done if we receive an alien signal from Space, but till date no government has authorised this protocol but when on the need of the hour may be SETI would be the organisation to look upto.

When the message would be released globally for Space enthusiasts ?

Its quite depressing that we would be the ones to know about any invading signal or message days even months later, because there are certain procedures to be followed before an extra terrestrial signal is to be authenticated as an alien signal. The involved steps are as follows - 

Discoverer ● Parties to SETI declaration ● Central bureau for Astronomical Telegrams ● Expert observers through out the world ● UN secretary general.

Why UN secretary general is involved ? According to article XI of Outer Space Treaty that any data related to Space observations is to be informed to UN secretary general before any declaration is made about it. The message or data that we as masses would get would be on terms of what we call a Rio Scale.
 Rio scale is a scale designed to measure the credibility of an extra terrestrial or alien signal.

Are we ready for aliens ?
Office of outer space affairs

Who will be the leader to perform actions when we receive an alien signal ?

Although repeated denials from her upon if she would be leading the way of post detection policy, Simonetta Di Pippo, the director of outer space affairs , UN could be a perfect candidate or Paul Deitis the incharge for the post detection sector, SETI could also be a worthy candidate as well. They both hold the postions to become the ambassadors for earth in behalf our relations with extra terrestrial life or aliens.

Are we ready for aliens ?
Pie value

So what is it that we would say back ?

Interesting ! What is it that we could say back to an alien signal. Maybe, we can send them several data about pie and our advancement in  A.I ( artificial intelligence ) or maybe we should not send anything at all.
 According to Stephen Hawkins, alien contact from Earth would end up rather similar to invasion of Colombus on the soils of America, which did not turn out very good for latin Americans,
 A famous paleontologist once said when the cosmic call rings up we rather not pick it up.

We can learn a lot from this post not about how much we are prepared for a cosmic call but how we imagine the way the contact would come to us. 
Famous radio signal analyst and expert Catherine, says that the way we imagine our contact with aliens says a lot more about ourselves than the actual contact we would rather face. 

The Earth from space looks very gentle and sound, a place where someone would love to live to but this is quite contrary to the actual scene. We have huge borders along countries and continents and have left no stone unturned to self destruct our Earth a number of times. The borders of West Germany is quite visible from Space because of its heavy lighting but only at night , the border of India to Pakistan is also one same scenario from Space, which is heavily guarded to infiltrate smuggling across borders. It says a lot about our insecurities, fear and hatred among ourselves. We are more worried from ourselves than any alien contact. This doesn't mean that we shouldn't be ready for aliens but it definitely throws light on how much insecure are we in our world.

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