What if humans dissapeared from Earth !

What if humans dissapeared from Earth ? 

Earth as we know has always been the known place where Human's and any life can originate and thrive. But what happens if humans suddenly dissapear ? 

. After 2 days - Most of the world's light would be cut off because electric power failure. Our Earth would be engulfed in darkness except for the portions running through hydroelectric power.

. After 10 days - Death of pet animals due to starvation due to shortage of food. Pack of hungry dogs would be the new predator to human pets.

. After 1 month - all the cooling water in the nuclear reactors would have evaporated thus creating a world of disasters worldwide in a scale much larger than Chernoboyl and Fukushima. But the planet would eventually recover from the radioactive contamination.

. After 1 year - The satellites orbiting the Earth would eventually crash out to the Earth's atmosphere, hence appearing to be strange shooting stars as seen from Earth.

. After 25 years - Earth would be covered with vegetation all around, like never before Humans. Virtually it would be the green era of Earth. What will be evident as well will be most of the parts on Earth would be now covered with sand.

. After 300 years - metal buildings , bridges and towers would start to fall due to corrosion. 

. After 10,000 years - The only existence of Humans around this time would be the stone made things like Pyramids, Great wall of China, and Mount Rushmore in U.S .

If Earth survives any future disaster events such as self inflicted nuclear apocalypse or a deadly asteroid , life would be there on Earth for around 500 million years even after we are gone.

Our Sun is expected to grow and become a red giant in 6 billion years , engulfing our Earth in its expansion. 

Fate of Earth as known is disastrous. We Humans would probably be not alive to see the event or may we ! But one thing is quite certain every beautiful thing has its end too. So cherish and preserve the life we have got. Pull out the good things from life !

Check out this video - what if humans dissapeared from Earth !


Video credits - Hashem All Ghaili
Thank you sir for the nice video information from which the post is reference of.


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