Is earth actually flat ?

Is Earth actually flat ?

Is earth actually flat ?
Is earth actually flat ?
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Is Earth flat or round has been a question of centuries now, its pretty strange that a part of a huge community of people render Earth as flat disc shaped and not round !
Its strange that in this age where humanity is eyeing the dream of space colonisation, we are still stuck with the flat earth conspiracy. 

Don't blame flat Earthers to think of what they are thinking, they have there own ideologies and proofs to justify their points, which makes their concept sustainable as well. I know you may be thinking what about the photos and video footages of the apollo expeditions, voyagers and live feed from ISS streaming 24×7 worldwide, well flat earthers believe it to be completely hoax like the apollo 11 moon landings. They believe Nasa along with all the space agencies of the world are aware of the flat Earth fact but they simply just don't want to let us know !

Its a long misconception that Christopher Colombus was the one to prove that our Earth is round in shape. Virtually every scholar and religious identities accepted the Earth's roundity as the age of ancient greeks, who for instance saw boats dissapeared bottom first while sailing away and as you walk north and south and stars pop into and out of view. The misconception of flat Earth only arose on the modern era as part of an insult for non believers of science and these articles were published more often than not on those times thus bringing acceptance. Flat earthers were now a synonym to anti - science.

Ideology differences

Is earth actually flat ?
Round Earth vs Flat Earth
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Round Earth 

  •  Earth may appear to be flat for short distances but for greater distances Earth is quite curvy. The veezuela bridge connecting brooklyn and staten island was built keeping the Earth's roundness in mind, its top tower has a difference of  41mm of width than at the bottom keeping the roundness of Earth in mind. 
  • One of the most credential ways to prove that Earth is round was done by ancient greeks by observing shadow casting of two sticks on Earth's surface. At noon time when the sun is at the top they experimented to see no shadows on the stick but somewhere 500 miles away from that zone the same experiment at the exact same time casted shadows beneath the sticks, if earth were flat then both the experiments would have shown the same results that is same amount of shadow formation or no shadow formation because sun would be facing both the parts at same angles. 
  • Another piece of evidence is the difference between the night skies of northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere, both of them have pretty different views because the part of the Earth beneath you is facing a different direction. If earth were flat, both the skies would have had the same direction to look up to and the skies would be the same in both the hemispheres.
Flat Earth

Is earth actually flat ?
Belford level experiment was
Carried out in the Belford river.
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  • The most renowned experiment among flat earthers is the Belford level experiment in the year 1904, which was quite successful in proving that Earth is flat not round, but later in the year 1938 the experiment was subjected to errors in recommendation of some factors which concluded that Earth is round.
  • Another experiment included two markers set at equal heights at either ends of a canal six miles long. If the Earth were round, then when viewed the marker at the other end would appear indifferent in height due to curvature of Earth, but the both the marker were observed at the same height. Hence proving that earth is flat. 
  • So is the Earth actually flat ! Not exactly this experiment does not take into account the refraction of light caused due to the air above water in the canal. The same experiment if done with a set of more markers in the canal would yield you with the difference in postions when observed, due to curvature of Earth.

Is earth actually flat ?
Mike Hughes, flat earth theorist.
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Mike Hughes, a huge name in the field of flat earth believers is a flat earth theorist and is working to set up his own rocket, so that he could he go to space and see for himself if Earth is flat or round.

Science experiments if performed in the wrong way will always yield wrong results. Now a days its pretty easy to circulate ideologies on social media and gain acceptance among masses. The idea should be to educate people with the right ideas and knowledge instead of misleading them with bull shit theories ! 

Its hard to mislead someone but believe me its even harder to correct the misleaded one ! 
We just can't blame people believing in false ideologies, somewhere all the space thinkers and agencies have to accept the fact that we are not pushing enough, something is got to be wrong. Why people are not showing faith in ourselves. In this era we can't let people fantasize fiction instead of the facts. Earth has limited time and resources, and we have a lot of space to conquer.

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