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Will we ever visit other stars ?

Will we ever visit other stars ?

Is earth actually flat ?

Is Earth actually flat ?Is Earth flat or round has been a question of centuries now, its pretty strange that a part of a huge community of people render Earth as flat disc shaped and not round ! Its strange that in this age where humanity is eyeing the dream of space colonisation, we are still stuck with the flat earth conspiracy. 
Don't blame flat Earthers to think of what they are thinking, they have there own ideologies and proofs to justify their points, which makes their concept sustainable as well. I know you may be thinking what about the photos and video footages of the apollo expeditions, voyagers and live feed from ISS streaming 24×7 worldwide, well flat earthers believe it to be completely hoax like the apollo 11 moon landings. They believe Nasa along with all the space agencies of the world are aware of the flat Earth fact but they simply just don't want to let us know !
Its a long misconception that Christopher Colombus was the one to prove that our Earth is round…

The ultimate experience ! Travelling inside a black hole

The ultimate experience ! Travelling inside a black hole.
Ever imagined what would happen if we travel inside a black hole ! Well this is what we would be talking all along this post about what the experience may probably could be.
Let's make it clear that your journey to a black hole may not be comfortable but i can assure you that it would be damn exciting.
Theoretically speaking according to scientists  Any matter in the whole universe can potentially become a black hole.
Be it your latest Iphone or your annoying girlfriend, your tv, anything. For a matter to become a black hole, it has to be compressed to its schwarzschild radius. Simplifying things that any matter if compressed to a very minute space without altering its mass can potentially become a black hole. The reason behind is if we compress a matter to its schwarzschild radius without altering its mass, then the gravity on the matter would become so intense that it would not allow anything not even light to escape thro…

How to terraform Mars with life ?

In around a billion years from now our Earth would no longer be  availaible for life sustainability, thanks to increase of Sun's brightness and its expansion to a red ball giant. So human species have a job in their hands to find the next home for themselves and this brings us to the topic of Mars.

We all have heard about Mars exploration and why it has been the most anticipitated project after Moon. But do we actually know that why Mars for life ? Well the current human technology does not allow us any further than our own Solar System to look upto for life. We may look all our lives to find life light years away from us but to make life possible we have to reach the destination , which is currently beyond our scope of engineering.

Now the question arises then how can we be able to transform the red desert planet into the oceany planet Earth ?

Well the question is much easy than to to be asked in rather to be answered. The process involved would require huge bit of enginnering al…

What if humans dissapeared from Earth !

What if humans dissapeared from Earth ? 

Earth as we know has always been the known place where Human's and any life can originate and thrive. But what happens if humans suddenly dissapear ? 

. After 2 days - Most of the world's light would be cut off because electric power failure. Our Earth would be engulfed in darkness except for the portions running through hydroelectric power.

. After 10 days - Death of pet animals due to starvation due to shortage of food. Pack of hungry dogs would be the new predator to human pets.

. After 1 month - all the cooling water in the nuclear reactors would have evaporated thus creating a world of disasters worldwide in a scale much larger than Chernoboyl and Fukushima. But the planet would eventually recover from the radioactive contamination.

. After 1 year - The satellites orbiting the Earth would eventually crash out to the Earth's atmosphere, hence appearing to be strange shooting stars as seen from Earth.

. After 25 years - Earth would be …

Why everybody is talking about Mars ?

Mars factsMars is the fourth planet from Sun and is the second smallest planet in the Solar System after Mercury. Mars gets its name from the Roman God of war and is often referred as the "Red Planet".
Mars facts and information Mars is a terrestrial planet with a thin atmosphere, having similar features to both of impact craters on the moon and to the valleys, deserts, and polar ice caps of Earth. The orbital period of Mars is almost twice of that of Earth. Hence an Martian year would be equivalent to almost 2 Earth years. 

Mars Atmosphere and Constituents Mars has a very thin atmosphere consisting of 96% carbon dioxide, 1.93% argon and 1.89% nitrogen along with traces of oxygen and water. Liquid water cannot exist on the surface of Mars due to its low atmospheric pressure, but landforms present on Mars strongly suggest that liquid water once existed on the planets surface. Further evidence that liquid water existed on the surface of Mars comes from the detection of specific …