Why your god never works out the way you plan ?

What do you think scientists or science preachers don't believe in god ??? Maybe you could be wrong this time.... All leading scientists and theorists like Dr.Michio kaku and Neil De Grasse Tyson , and all are a firm believer of god. The difference is their concept ual belief on god is quite different from that of others.

           From early times, man has been a firm believer of god and its creation. The different cultures in different countries and continents have made a variety methods of god's existence based upon their divisions. But scientists , theorists and thinkers have a very common belief on god.

1. God is no material - According to leaders god is no material, and we can never imagine how he / she looks, what are his habits, what its past is and so.

2. God could be a mathematician - Yes, according to scientists god could be renouned mathematician, the Universe is the biggest example of it, everything in the Universe is calculative.

3. God is good - According to scientists God may be good because it has arranged such a big Universe. He had every right to make this Universe a chaotic and bizzare place but he has made this Universe pretty beautiful.

4. We know nothing about god - our knowledge about god according to theorists is nothing but complete false. If we believe that god made us and the Universe, would it give any of its creation the intelligence to imagine or calculate his power and enigma, wouldn't his own position be in jeopardy???....

5. God wants every its living creation to work hard for its existence and truth.

6. God must have blessed Earth - This can't be true. According to scientists there may be billions and billions of planets and living systems in the Universe, so why would anyone such esteemed and powerful be on Earth and bless it. If Earth is blessed then are all the other planets too.

7. God has made every living thing less capable of its surrounding - Scientist's believe it universally that god has created every living creature less capable of the vast universe. We would have to accept it that we all are stuck in a bowl , which we can never escape or clear. The perception would always change but the result may not. Probably we are all destined to live in the bowl......


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