Why time exists ?

Time ! What is time for us ? We all may have different opinions on what time may be for us , for some time is money , for some time is success and for some time is inexplicable. But why does time exist ? Why even it needs to exist ? Well probably we would have to work some bit to answer such tricky questions.

Let us start from Einstein. He proved that “Everything is Relative”, so time is irrelevant”. Among physicists, there is absolute;y no doubt of their contention that time really & truly exists. Even assuming Einstein is correct, in reality, the time elapsed by movements of planets around the Sun can only be assessed by relative positions of planets & Sun.
When we say Einstein was born 138 years back represents time elapsed between his birth day & today. When we say yesterday, today & tomorrow, all these represent some unit of time between any two. When we say there are 24 hours/day & earth takes 365 days to make one complete rotation of Sun, implies that time is involved. It is the time which indicates relative positions of planets. Just imagine(Which is unreal) that planets come to standstill. What happens ? Earth does not rotate on its axis & does not orbit round the Sun. When there is “No event” taking place, what is time which does not exist now. This clearly means that only the relative positions of objects & their movements dictate the need of time to evaluate events.
Analysis of time has no real significance, if not related to practical event or incidence. We cannot reinvent lost time. Time at “Present” is zero or non-existent. But taken with reference to the “Past” or with reference to the “Future”, time comes into picture. Our “Consciousness” is single but gets divided due to material manifestation & makes all the difference involving concept of time. Time becomes a means to explain events or incidents at different part of the day.
Time is absolutely integral part of the Universe., as long as the Universe is in action & motion. As long as material manifestation is there, concept of time is real. If there is no space, we will not be here & no activity & time has any meaning. Time & Space are interlinked. If there is no space or assumed that a situation before the Universe came into existence, was a single point or nothing was existing, the time did not have any significance or time did not exist. With no activity or event, the time does not exist. Absence of time is a hypothetical case & against universal law.
Both time & space are subjective & are not things to count upon. They are our perceptions to describe an event.
Time is an indication of interval between any two events. It is also the only indication of moment of change in any action or incident.
A plane starts flying from Delhi at a certain moment & lands at Bangalore after a certain period, accounted as “Time of Travel”. A pendulum swings between two extremes of left & right. The period taken for number of swings indicates time to represent as number of swings per minute, simply called as oscillations per minute or “Period of Oscillation”. Time involved between any two events is “Time Interval”.


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