Why sun is worse than not getting a rose ?

Feeling sad for missing out on a rose from your loved one this valentine ?? Stop feeling unlucky about yourself because here in we have why sun could be worse than not getting a rose from your loved one - 

1. The Sun is the hottest, biggest, most massive object in the solar system, and contains more than 99.8% of the solar system’s mass, with Jupiter accounting for more than 80% of the remaining 0.2%. To put the word “biggest” into some sort of perspective, here are some figures showing how the Earth matches up to our nearest star. 

2. Harmful uv rays are one of the deadliest rays sun emits, so if you are looking for a visit to your friend sun , stay because he may not be so friendly, 

3. Extreme magnetic field , 3000 times of that of earth , so may be the sun is too attractive and possesive for you, and i am sure you are not looking for an over possesive partner.

4. Further from the Sun, the Hotter it Gets - 
Common sense dictates that the further one moves away from a heat source, the cooler the ambient temperature should be, but the opposite is happening on the Sun, i.e. the further one moves away, the hotter it gets. This was first noticed as far back as 1939, but recent research seems to have solved the mystery. It appears that the 10 million Kelvin, or 18 million degrees Fahrenheit temperatures in the corona,  so it may be a sick and obnoxious partner or friend.


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