Why space ?

We human's probably the most civilised race in the planet are in quite a commanding position above others , aren't we or are we ?

We share quite a lot of features among ourselves 


Well i am not here to hurt any religious beliefs or neither to disrespect anyone's thoughts on how our world works. But my question to everyone is that are we working enough to know who we are, we are busy acquiring positions crushing others in our way , proving our superiority over others, is this all we are living a life for ? 

Its easy to believe in god , believe me its easy , but do we know enough about him . Why don't we add a subject to our life , why let anybody make us believe that god has created everything and rather we work to find god, looking no where but in space. If  you love your life you would love space, i believe in god , but the god who created the universe , and who has left us in a grain of sand in a desert before us, waiting for us . I may sound pretty diplomatic but believe me i think so , this blog is my passion , space intrigues me everytime and teaches me that i am nothing . It has taught me to be humble , generous and the actual sense that our all human race are in the same boat , so there's no point in living a life thinking me being superior to anyone.


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