Why no one talks about voyager anymore ?

Voyager 1 & 2 have been a great success in the fields of flying probes to space. Originally sent to study the atmospheres of Jupiter and Saturn along with their satellites, the voyager's have done a handy work, but from there , their missions were elaborated to an interstellar journey , outside the solar system.

But it has been more than 40 years , since voyager's departure , it is already outside the solar system an about 10 billion miles away from Earth. Has the hype of voyager's journey taken a hault....... 

1. Both the voyager's have created a milestone in their own and are the farthest man made thing in the universe. But their technology are out of dated for today , its files are in kb format and take a whooping 8 years to be received by Earth. An Iphone is 20 times better technolised than the voyager's.

2. Voyager's are out of range , a command to a voyager takes around 5-6 years to reach , in respect to its distance from Earth.

3. Now and in the past many theorists and scientists have criticised the golden record idea , attached to both the voyager's for any extra terrestrial life contact. According to thinkers such an invitation can harm the future of Earthians i.e we.

4. Voyager's have not been sent to any planned star system rather they would probably roam around in the interstellar space for ages. So people have nothing to wait for voyager's destiny.

5. The battery life will go off anytime in 5 years, after that we would lose any access of data from the voyager's. No data, nothing from voyager.

But voyager's have been a revolution in the field of astronomy. Keeping its drawbacks away , both the voyager's have done their work quite efficiently according to the plan. A salute to voyager 1 & voyager 2.


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