Why light speed is more tempting than a cinnabon ?

Who isn't fond of the world famous cinnamon rolls from the very old Cinnabon, some say it as an eternal experience, phew well that is some tempting?? Isn't it , but what about the speed of light , governing all our astronomy and space related physics till date.

 Speed of light is pretty quick , on human terms its enormous to be prcise the speed of light is 299,792,458 m/s. Is your cinnabon still tempting enough ???

1. The observable Universe - The observable Universe and everything
 visible to us is made possible only by the speed of light.

2. Age of Universe - Age of Universe according to us is 13.5 billion years,
 It is nothing but the light which has reached us since our Earth's creation.

3. Our only visible source for Universe and everything - We as humans
Nothing except light to depend upon for our vision to Universe and everything.
Speed of light which enormous in terms of human scale makes us feel that
Light around is instantaneous.

4. Our Dream - The speed of light is our goal and destiny to reach the very edge of 
The Universe. However achieving the speed of light , seems to be next to impossible
For now but we can only hope for the best in future.

5. Speed of light the way to be immortal somehow - Yes its true, according to Einstein's
Theory of relativity , when a person travels at speeds of light in a spacecraft,
The time for the person travelling slows down rapidly in comparison to the time of the observer
Say on Earth, as soon as the spacecraft attains the full speed of light or surpasses it , time completely
Stops for him, stops him from ageing, therefore after the return of the travelling person it would be
Quite evident that he would not have aged at all.


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