What we know is less than what we don't

Technology and engineering have been the pioneer to human's success on space. Our advancement in technology has given us answers to many questions which were quite inevitable in the past , but the question is do we know enough ? Ahhh probably no ! . Technology has brought wonders to our space knowledge but has also led to various unanswered mysteries to space.

1. Dark matter - scientific calculations upon the consistence of all matters in the universe has led to rise of the presence of an unknown matter of which we are little aware of. Yes all the observable universe i.e the universe we can see is only the 5% of matter we know. Presence of some other matter is quite evident but on kur scale of technology , we know nothing of it.

2. Dark energy - while dark matter , has been there to wobble our calculations on the consistence of universe , the presence of an invisible energy has also been detected in our universe DARK ENERGY. Strange part is that it is probably the most abundant energy known because according to calculations it could account upto 70% of the consistence of the universe. For now we know what it is not rather than what it actually is ? Confusing.

3. Tabby star - far off in the distances , hundred's and thousand's of light years away from us scientists have found a strange behaviour of a star , named Tabby star. Its strange fluctuations in the recent past has led to various conspiracies, relating to a management of a dyson sphere around the star, possible by any alien life of 2nd scale in the kardachev scale. We would have to wait until for better technological telescopes to find out what is actually happening or causing these fluctuations on the star.

4. Universe expanding rather than contracting - our universe is expanding and expanding quicker every second rather than contracting , which was our previous concept about the universe. What is it expanding to ? We don't know . Why is it expanding ? We don't know. We have theories for all these questions but none of them have been conclusive.

5. Is our own knowledge a waste - why everything is so far from us and why our technology and our understanding doesn't allow to reach other systems. Have the evolution of mankind taken a  wrong direction ? All these questions may account to one thing that our physics for the universe could be completely wrong !

Readers you all decide do we know much , do we understand much ?


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