What if we encounter alien life

Aliens ! What do we know about them ? Hmmm ... not enough probably. But it will be quite egoistic of us to say that we are the only living super species out there . Our milky way only has millions of millions of star system and like our galaxy there are billions of billions of galaxies , super galaxies out there . So doesn't it sound that we are getting to conclusions pretty early .

Now perhaps we assume there are aliens or extra terrestrial life out there , now at what state they could be ? Well they could probably be well advanced than us ( on a galactic scale may be ) , well its even be possible they could be on a microscopic scale ! Well on both cases they would remain undetected from us , seeing our present technology . There are various governmental and non governmental organisations working 24×7 on the possibilties of extra terrestrial life . Till now we have nothing conclusive to say about this subject .

What if they are way more civilised compared to us , well i don't think that would personally matter to earth because we will be protectfull from them due to our incapability to feed any usefull data or resource to such an advanced civilisation. Huh.... who cares about ants when there is a rush for extinction of human life . But here we are talking about alien invasion to planet earth . So , even if we come across any intelligent life in future making fun of our technological and functional advancement , we humans definitely know how to answer creepy organisms ! Don't we . 

We humans don't like to be humiliated , we share this trait in our species . Hmmm... well we don't need to feel ashamed or something like that for our present condition , we can always share the progress we have had in last 150 years from nothing to finding new planets for our survival , we know the fate of the universe or atleast have a concept for it , in less than 100 years we have had technological advancement for weopens that can destroy our planet , give us 1 million years we will kick your ass . We should be proud of what we have achieved in the past century , and the amazing part is its only going to be better . Don't stop thinking , conceptualising , because when you stop thinking , questioning , innovating you die .
Don't be a dead man be a dreadfull one.


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