Voyager 1 the journey

Voyager 1   a space probe sent on the year 1977 to read and access the conditions of jupiter and saturn along with their satellites . Inaugrally two probes i.e. voyagers were send for enhancing our knowledge about these two giants of our solar system . After a successfull run on their missions both were set off to the far boundaries of our solar system on different directions . Voyager 1 has always been the quicker of two and now after atleast 40 years of travel is the farthest manmade thing in the history of cosmos , yes it has passed the solar system to the interstellar journey and will remain there after we are gone too . Uff it has been a fighter , well when you think this is it ! We say no both the voyagers have been provided with a golden record which consists of sounds on earth , with welcome messages in different languages our earthly beings , if any advanced civilisation gets hold of it , along with the golden record , a map has also been provided to locate earth . Well what happens to the voyagers is a matter of time but one thing is for sure that the voyager's will always be there even after we are gone giving the proof that " we existed " !

The journey itself is emotional , relive those moments , cherish them , remember them , 

                                                            Video courtesy ( youtube )


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