The revolutionary telescope Hubble !

Hubble space telescope (hst) has been the primary source of human eyes on the universe for the last 28 years. It has done wonders to our vision towards universe from its inaugration to space. But as we say with every great prospect comes some past criticism, hubble telescope after its launch was diagnosed with simple lensing errors which hampered its image for full 3 years. It was only after its repair that the telescope was good to go. The wait was long but hubble had to wait for its time until it provided the image of decades of multiple galaxies in the universe. 

                                          Here are some more stunning shoots from HST 

Crab nebula

Galaxy groups

Orion of life

Whirlpool galaxy

Eagle nebula

The next generation telescope james web space telescope is all set to replace the old hubble space telescope sooner than later, ready to unleash the boundaries further. But the contribution of hubble telescope can never be slaughtered or forbidden, a journey of 28 years and still counting , a work of millions or even billions of light years. A journey to eternity.


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