Stupid myths about our universe

Well we love hollywood movies ! Dont we? But space movies , yeah we love them so much . But do they show you the real thing ? Hmm... not really 

1. Its possible to travel more than speed of light - huhh no man its not true , our technology is still quite far away from travelling close to speed of light , more than it never possible , want to know why ? Well we need to go to our genius sir albert einstein's equation - e = m.c.c, remember , so relating to it, an object to travel at  speed of light , mass has to increase coming to a point when it reaches infinity , well that's strange ! So for infinity mass we need infinity fuel , and yeah yeah we know we don't have much fuel ! Ri8 saudi arabia. So its practically impossible.

2. Black hole - i guess you would have seen the famous scene of the black hole in the movie " Interstellar" . Mr nolan are you completely sure that this is how a black hole looks like not really , these images are an imaginary ones , they could end up being real coz we are still far away from photographing one !

3. Apollo moon missions are fake - are you kidding me ? Yes there have been huge conspiracies on the fact that all the lunar video footage of armstrong could be a hoax . I bet you this is not the case . We all know that NASA likes to work secretely on several missions but this lunar mission is not a hoax . Mr armstrong is our hero and definitely the first man to land on moon .


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