Is there life on planet mars ?

The so-called “Red planet” has long been a stumbling block for scientists. Not quite a black hole or the Andromeda nebula, located literally next door, it is causing so many questions… The main question whether there is life on Mars is not answered to this date. It is obvious that there are no intelligent life forms on this planet, at least as far as we can tell right now. It is possible; however, that life once existed on this planet.
During the early period of it its existence, Mars, much like Earth, would have been blanketed by the atmosphere, which could mean presence of life on this planet. But the Red Planet is almost half the size of the Earth, and this would be an important consideration as far as the size is concerned. Mar’s core is much smaller in size than the Earth’s, which suggests that it had cooled down much faster. And when the core begins to cool down, the magnetic field becomes much weaker and the planet starts being attacked by asteroids from every possible direction. These collisions with them transformed once thriving Mars into a lifeless desert. But is it lifeless? Soil samples taken by spacecrafts suggestpresence of colossal amounts of hydrogen encapsulated in the ice. The ice present on the surface makes it possible for life to exist, the question is, what forms life could be present there.
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