Dead faces

Nebulae often look spectral against the eternal night of space, washed in icy blues, funereal purples and wraithlike whites. The Eagle Nebula has more of an ochre hue — but there is something haunting it. Look closely. See the face? See his face? That was exactly what millions of CNN viewers tried to convince themselves they were not hallucinating about when they called the station to report the apparition on their TV screens. An even closer look resulted in a human form that could pass for an astral rendering of Odin or Zeus. While a few more out-there theorists might like to muse about this being some primordial alien artifact, psychology has more of a possible explanation to this ghost story than astronomy. Pareidolia is the trippy phenomenon responsible for (otherwise sober) people seeing or hearing significant things that really aren’t there. Not that Ancient Aliens would ever have you believing that.

Click for a visual journey :


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