Cremeted or buried ?

" Every good thing has an end ". Life of every living organism follows some span and this is the space it has , but every living thing has death as its ultimate reality . Humans the most advanced race known ( to humans , funny truth ) are the most diverse type of vertebrates. We all share different ideologies , ways to suceed , show emotions , and be judgemental on situations . 

Religion - The only and most controversial type of division among human beings .well people on earth share various religions , and this is the primary source of different ideologies , opinions  , so why religion on a science blog ? Hmmmm..... well this post ain't about any science fiction , this is about a ideology or you could name it a debate that after death be cremeted or buried . On the perspective of science we all know living beings and the sources they require to thrive come from their ancestors that is primitive life forms , we all are completely live on the dead of the past , this is how it all goes ! On that part animal and plant kingdom are doing pretty well but humans not so sure..... , no offence against any religion ideologies but are thesd rituals. 

Countables are the resources and our time on this planet , how can we preserve our species ? Go find another planet but until we don't get one we would have to take every possible measure to protect our earth . Let's make the count slower by bowing a bit lower to the concept of existence of human species and not domination of hatred and jealousy take over our planet from us . 

The first threat to humans are humans themselves , no meteors or any extra terrestrial civilisation nor any natural consequence is more dreadfull to us . We talk about artificial intelligence to be threat , i think the natural intelligence inside our brains should be the more announced concern. We are the only organism on the planet who work in consideration to future aspects but still fail to work for it. Power , dominance , will let us nowhere but to our downfall. Its cause of concern that people are dying of medical inadvancement to cure cancer , hiv but we have nuclear weopens to kill our planet . Has our technology taken a wrong turn. 


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