Are we living in a parallel world

Yes friends according to a new study , we could be living in a parallel universe of which we are total unaware of , i know it sounds quite crazy but it might be true , American physicist michio kaku says -
"String theory predicts the universe is like a soap bubble that is expanding and dying," he says. Billions of years from now stars will blink out; the night sky will be dark and the oceans will freeze over. But we may have an escape route. Our soap bubble co-exists with other soap bubbles; every time a black hole forms it may be creating a baby universe. The matter being sucked in may be blown out the other side, creating a white hole in a twin universe, which will expand very rapidly, like our own Big Bang."
"Perhaps, also, a Type III civilisation, which can harness the Planck energy, will open a hole in space and tunnel through a wormhole to a parallel, warmer universe. There is no other hope. Either leave the universe or die with it. If the wormhole is microscopic in size then we may send a nanobot that can reproduce itself indefinitely and create cloning factories to recreate the dead civilisation through it."
This sounds like something out of Star Trek, but Kaku is deadly serious as he goes on to talk up his latest variation of string theory - M (membrane) theory, which operates out of 11 dimensions - and to speculate on multi-worlds theory, a new version of quantum theory, which predicts there may be clones of ourselves with separate lives. "It sounds crazy," he admits, "but we can't apologise for it as it's a possibility." He notices my eyebrow rise. "It's a theory that's being pushed strongly by physicists over here in Oxford," he adds, as if to show it's not just some nutty Stateside notion.
Kaku's voice washes easily over you. Each sentence makes sense. It's only when you get to the end of each paragraph that you realise you're hopelessly lost. But you don't really care, because it is never less than entertaining. And - academic credentials aside - this is Kaku's strong point. 


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