Apollo 11

Aliens ????!!! Huhh on our moon 

Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were the two among many to step foot on moon for the very first time . It has been more than 4 decades or so nasa has not been to moon since . So , what the hell is going on why we haven't been to moon for such a long period well and neither we are any close to getting to mars before 2030's , so what is nasa waiting or working for . Many conspiracies in the various apollo missions indicate that all the apollo missions have been more or less encountered with strange activities on the lunar surface , yes what could be more strange than extra terestrial activity . NASA as we know likes to work rather suspiciously about its projects than to be pretty practical towards the public ! And apollo missions specially the apollo.11 has been a subject to various controversies . The footage and the audio recorded along the missions have been very calculatively altered before being presented to the masses. 

Time to time there has been exclusive comments from ex nasa employees about the controversial working mode of the space organisation. Many say that Nasa has a lot more to offer to the public in the near future. 

But to this date no solid conclusions or solitary proof have been founded or presented to show any extra terrestrial habitat or activity on the lunar surface ! Truth may could be anything but one fact is evident that future beholds secrets , secrets which would determine our fate.


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