4 facts about dark energy that will impress your friends

Dark energy the primary constituent of our universe accounting to about 70% of all energy in the universe could be the find of a life span? Yes , unfortunately human's have not had the privilege to know about this form of energy, to be precise we know more about what it is not rather than what it actually is. We don't know its properties but we can definitely detect its effects on the visible universe.

So here In this post we have 4 facts about dark energy that may impress your friends, may be you as well

1. Its a property of spaceThis theory is derived from Einstein’s theory of gravitation, specifically from the fact that “empty space” can have its own energy—dubbed “the cosmological constant.” Einstein also believed that space could come into existence from nothing, and as more space is created, more energy can consequently be held within it. Your friends gonna love this part to know that the real reason behind the universe expansion is the universe itself. It is meant to be like this.

2. Theory of everything - A lot of astronomers believe the search for dark energy is futile. Instead, they lecture that finding the elusive “theory of everything” . 

Although solving the problem of dark energy this way is logically sound, finding this theory has proven impossible for even the brightest minds in physics. 

3. It creates a new fundamental force - The fundamental forces we know of (gravity, electromagnetism, weak force, and strong force) all act within different ranges. Some affect only atomic-sized objects, while others cause the motions of planets and instigate
the for
mation of galaxies.
This theory of dark energy states that that there is a fundamental force we still have not found that acts on enormous scales and can only be observed when the universe reaches a certain size. It would work to oppose gravity and thus pull objects in the universe away from each other.

4. Einstein's theory of gravity is wrong - Try telling one of the smartest physicists who ever lived that his (arguably) most famous theory is wrong . . . yikes. Einstein’s theory of relativity states that every body in the universe is attracted to every other body, with the strength of that attraction depending solely on the masses of the objects and the distance between their centers


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